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Welcome to the Cyber Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators!

On behalf of the board of directors of the Cyber Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators, we wish you good health and positive thinking during these unprecedented and challenging times.

I am honored to serve as President of the Cyber Chapter of ALA. A sincere Thank You to our immediate past-president, Lisa Dasher, on her invaluable service and commitment to the chapter. We are fortunate to have Lisa remain on the board so she can continue to share her expertise and knowledge.

Our chapter’s mission is to exist as a virtual chapter of ALA – an integral online resource that provides educational programming, networking opportunities, peer to peer assistance and technological resources for professionals navigating through the changing legal environment. Because of recent developments related to COVID-19 and social distancing, remote work is becoming our new reality. My immediate goal is to create a COVID-19 resource page for our website. To be effective in the modern workplace, successful and essential employees must have strong 21st century skills. My vision is for the Cyber Chapter to serve as the legal administrator’s knowledge gateway to our changing workforce landscape.

Leaders instill in people a hope for success, a belief in themselves and empower others to accomplish their goals. Each day, I strive to surround myself with peers who can offer specific expertise, intuitive knowledge, and creative ideas. I believe that no one person has the right answer all the time – that you must trust the ability of others as a pre-requisite to your own success. The Cyber Chapter consists of many professionals with diverse backgrounds. Become your own leader and surround yourself among those who can help you succeed in your career.

We are confident that you will find value in a membership with the Cyber Chapter – so much that maybe one day you will be recruiting new members and sponsors or maybe even writing your very own President’s message!

We look forward to a successful year!

Andrea Hill

President, Cyber Chapter

Past Presidents

Morris E. Schorr (1994-1996)
Diana B. Clark (1996-1998)
Ronald M. Henry (1998-1999)
Bernadette E. Peters, CLM (1999-2001)
Carl J. Barba, Jr. (2001-2003)
Linda R. Lehmann (2003-2005)
Paul J. Sullivan (2005-2007)
Elizabeth S. Widdop (2007-2008)
Susan M. Tyree (fka Lamb) (2008-2009)
Willard E. Lee (2009-2011)
Kimberly A. Newberry (2011-2012)
Georgiana McCall (2012-2014)
Kathy Miller, CLM (2014-2015)
Robert M. Wade (2015-2016)
Michele Hovland, CLM (2016-2017)
Shahily Negron-Falcon (2017-2019)
Lisa Dasher (2019-2020)

Life Members

Carl Barba
Diana B. Clark
Frank Gould
Lewis A. Gray
Philip T. Hamilton
Ronald M. Henry
Michael W. Hogen
Willard E. Lee
Linda Lehmann
Georgiana McCall
G. Michael McLain
Christine McLeod
Kimberly A. Newberry
Bernadette E. Peters, CLM
Morris E. Schorr
Paul Sullivan
Susan M. Tyree (fka Lamb)
Elizabeth "Betsy" S. Widdop

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