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Welcome to the Cyber Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators

Cyber Chapter of the
Association of Legal Administrators

Imagine an ALA chapter that meets all the timemeetings you never have to drive to or dress for and that don’t take two to three hours out of your already-crowded schedule.

Imagine that these meetings bring together ALA members, not only from your own city, but from around the world.

Now imagine that this chapter also has a library of sample documents and solutions to problems that are available to you at the click of a mouse, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There’s no need to imagine it. That chapter is right here:  The Cyber Chapter of the ALA. Since 1994, ALA members have been meeting online at the Cyber Chapter, exchanging information and advice, celebrating victories, and consoling each other in defeat. Now with more than 100 members, the Cyber Chapter brags many of the Association’s most dynamic and knowledgeable members, including former international and geographic chapter presidents.

The only requirement for Cyber Chapter membership is membership in the Association of Legal Administrators. So join ALA’s only virtual chapter and take advantage of all it offers.

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What our members say about the Cyber Chapter

Because of certain issues it is very difficult for me to attend my local chapter’s monthly meetings. The Cyber Chapter affords me the opportunity to attend a chapter meeting every single day, even if just for a short period of time.

—Birmingham, Alabama

I consider this a "safe" forum and a comfortable place to be. I’ve never posted a question or concern here that didn’t produce an insightful and thoughtful response, often raising issues I hadn’t considered.

—Bellingham, Washington

The Cyber Chapter is an excellent outlet for those who don’t have the benefit of a local chapter.

—Peoria, Illinois

My membership in the Cyber Chapter has been a source of both great information and great friendship. Social networking? You bet; but way more helpful, thought-provoking, and useful than any others I belong to.

—Memphis, Tennessee

The major strength of this chapter is that people respond to questions. It is very rare for a question to be posted here without an answer.

—Richmond, Virginia

One of the things I like about this chapter is being able to obtain a diverse opinion and not just a localized opinion on areas that relate to law offices.

—Ruskin, Florida

Being able to check in here everyday keeps me sane.

—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have learned what a great asset this group is.

—Lakeland, Florida

I don’t belong to a land-based chapter as Cyber Chapter fulfills all of my needs and gives the opportunity to pose questions or "chat" when it is convenient for me rather than trying to find the right time to call or lunch with someone local to get an answer to any question.

—Somers, Connecticut

One of my favorite things about this chapter is the diverse, insightful, and respectful opinions shared. I learn so much, even though I don’t post often.

—Portland, Oregon

The Cyber Chapter is as comfortable as an old pair of jeans.

—Syracuse, New York

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