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CLM & Education Committee
Business Partner Committee
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Nominating Committees

In January of each year, the Nominating Committee, chaired by the Immediate Past President, shall meet for the purpose of selecting a slate of Officers and Directors for recommendation to the members of the Chapter. The other two members of the committee shall be selected by the Board and voted upon by the membership.


Michele Hovland, CLM
City and County of Denver
Denver, Colorado


Jodi Arnold
Oats & Marino, APPC
Lafayette, Louisiana


Kimberly A. Newberry, PHR
Kubicki & Draper
Tampa, Florida

Past Nominating Committees


Carl Barba, Chair
Susan Tyree (fka Lamb), Member
Donald Osborne, Member


Bernadette Peters, CLM, Chair
Elizabeth Widdop, Member
Gary L. Osing, Member


Linda Lehmann, Chair
Michael Hogen, Member
Michael McLain, Member


Linda Lehmann, Chair
Carlotta Duhe’ (fka Rednour), Member
Helen Ficarra, Member


Elizabeth Widdop, Chair
Michael McLain, Member
Kimberly Newberry, Member


Elizabeth Widdop, Chair
Daisy Brown, Member
Suzette Welling, Member


Susan M. Tyree (fka Lamb), Chair
Ronald M. Henry, Member
Frank Gould, Member


Susan M. Tyree (fka Lamb), Chair
Thereza K. Morris, Member
Bernadette E. Peters, CLM, Member


Willard E. Lee, Chair
Kristin A. Oliveri, CLM, Member
Christine A. McLeod, Member


Kimberly A. Newberry, PHR, Chair
Robin L. Bosch, Member
Bernadette E. Peters, Member


Kimberly A. Newberry, PHR, Chair
Todd Rains, Member
James Livermore, Member


Georgiana McCall, Chair
Kimberly A. Newberry, PHR, Member
Sharon Stringer, Member


Kathy Miller, CLM, Chair
Christine McLeod, Member
Kristie Manning, CLM, SHRM-CP, PHR, Member
Joanne Schnare, CLM, Member


Robert M. Wade, Chair
Christine McLeod, Member
Bernadette E. Peters, CLM, Member


Michele Hovland, CLM, Chair
Karen Turner, Member
Karen Laughman, Member


Michele Hovland, CLM, Chair
Karen Turner, Memberr
Karen Laughman, Member

Past Presidents

Morris E. Schorr (1994-1996)
Diana B. Clark (1996-1998)
Ronald M. Henry (1998-1999)
Bernadette E. Peters, CLM (1999-2001)
Carl J. Barba, Jr. (2001-2003)
Linda R. Lehmann (2003-2005)
Paul J. Sullivan (2005-2007)
Elizabeth S. Widdop (2007-2008)
Susan M. Tyree (fka Lamb) (2008-2009)
Willard E. Lee (2009-2011)
Kimberly A. Newberry (2011-2012)
Georgiana McCall (2012-2014)
Kathy Miller, CLM (2014-2015)
Robert M. Wade (2015-2016)
Michele Hovland, CLM (2016-2017)
Shahily Negron-Falcon (2017-2019)
Lisa Dasher (2019-2020)

Life Members

Carl Barba
Diana B. Clark
Frank Gould
Lewis A. Gray
Philip T. Hamilton
Ronald M. Henry
Michael W. Hogen
Willard E. Lee
Linda Lehmann
Georgiana McCall
G. Michael McLain
Christine McLeod
Kimberly A. Newberry
Bernadette E. Peters, CLM
Morris E. Schorr
Paul Sullivan
Susan M. Tyree (fka Lamb)
Elizabeth "Betsy" S. Widdop

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